“Documentary filmmaker Tim Gray is America’s preeminent storyteller of those Tom Brokaw famously called “The Greatest Generation.” -G. Wayne Miller, The Providence Journal

The most important part of the mission of the non-profit World War II Foundation is education.

That’s why we donate all our films to American Public Television and give them away to schools, universities and libraries.

Our documentary films rank in the top 5 of most requested programs from PBS affiliates. Our films are also now airing globally.

World War II is one of the defining moments in the history of the world. It is no longer taught to a large degree in American schools anymore due to other demands placed on students and teachers.

The World War II Foundation’s mission is to find alternative ways to share and preserve these stories and make them available to a generation who no longer reads about WWII in books in a classroom environment.

Maybe one of our films will encourage a student to ask their grandfather or grandmother what their role was in World War II in helping to defend freedom throughout the world.

Our mission remains to Educate. Honor. Inspire.

Here’s one example we found in France of the power of preserving history.