World War II+75 is an initiative by the World War II Foundation to recognize the 75th anniversaries of some of the most important dates of World War II. Starting with the invasion of Poland by Germany in September of 1939 through the signing of the surrender by Japan aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay in September of 1945, the World War II Foundation, utilizing information from organizations and museums below, aims to provide background and facts regarding some of the most important moments of World War II. We thank the below organizations for helping to mark these anniversaries. Please visit these links to get the most comprehensive overviews of the battles, people, moments and artifacts that help to preserve the history of World War II:

War History Online
World War Media
International Museum of World War II
The National World War II Museum
Pacific Aviation Museum
World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument
Utah Beach Museum
Bastogne War Museum
Airborne Museum in Sainte-Mere-Eglise
Normandy Victory Museum
Overlord Museum at Omaha Beach
Pacific Wrecks
Imperial War Museum
United States Holocaust Museum
History Place Timeline-War in Europe
History Place Timeline-Pacific War
Recommended World War II Books
Top 50 World War II Films
Airborne Museum Hartenstein
Pacific Historic Parks
Wannsee Conference Museum in Germany
Bastogne Barracks Belgium
101st Airborne Museum in Bastogne
D-Day Overlord Association
World War II YouTube Channels
World War II Archival Newsreels
World War II Facts and Dates
D-Day Radio Broadcasts
Music During World War II
The World War II Education Portal (Interviews)
Pearl Harbor and December 7 Japanese Attack Radio Broadcasts
Tank Museum-Bovington, England
D-Day Experience Museum
Normandy American Cemetery
National Cemetery of the Pacific
National D-Day Memorial
National Infantry Museum
National Museum of the Pacific War
National Museum of the Marine Corps
National World War II Memorial
15 Must See World War II Sites in Europe
World War II Records via the National Archives
The World War II Foundation on Facebook
Les Invalides in Paris
Top World War II Websites Around the Globe
America in WWII Magazine
Le Memorial de Caen