Our Mission Statement

The mission of the non-profit World War II Foundation is to produce educational films and create initiatives recognizing the bravery and enormous contributions made by the veterans and survivors of World War II so that future generations appreciate the determination and sacrifices that enabled perpetuation of our basic freedoms.

Our mission is fulfilled through the following pursuits:


We enlighten populations of students, citizens, specialized audiences with videos, PBS specials, and through repositories such as libraries, schools and museums. In addition, the commissioning of monuments honoring individual or collective triumphs during WWII will also be emphasized.


We provide opportunities for reflection on leadership and the attributes which are associated with men and women in military environments.


We want to recognize those who have served in exceptional circumstances and sacrificed for their country during World War II.


We will document through video and multi-media the histories and personal stories of veterans and survivors in history-making military battles and events.


By emphasizing the building of memorials and monuments around the world we are ensuring the permanence of the record of America’s greatest individual and collective successes and goals of preserving freedom and democracy.

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