The 2020 Normandie-World War II International Film Festival is Headlined by NY Times Best-Selling author Rick Atkinson, Acclaimed Actor David McCallum, Emmy Award-Winning Band of Brothers Lead Writer and Supervising Producer for all 10 Episodes, Erik Jendresen, Band of Brothers Actor Douglas Spain and Will Estes, the WWII film U-571 and Blue Bloods on CBS 

New York Times Best-Selling WWII Author Rick Atkinson-An Army at Dawn, The Day of Battle, The Guns at Last Light
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Actor David McCallum of The Great Escape, Man From U.N.C.L.E. and NCIS
Erik Jendresen, Lead Writer & Supervising Producer, Band of Brothers Series on HBO
Douglas Spain, Tony Garcia in Band of Brothers
Will Estes of U-571 & Blue Bloods
Events Hosted by the D-Day Experience in Sainte-Come-du-Mont
2020 Event Information

Festival Executive Director-Tim [email protected]

Festival Director-Nathalie Mary Saint [email protected]

Festival Director of Operations-Eric [email protected]

Facebook: @WWIIfilmfestival

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About our Annual World War II Film Festival:

The 4th annual Normandie-World War II International Film Festival on June 5, 6 and 7 in Sainte-Come-du-Mont, Normandy, France showcases the best in World War II military-themed films, documentaries, and short films from around the world.

The 2020 festival is headlined by NY Times Best-Selling World War II author Rick Atkinson and Acclaimed Actor David McCallum.

They will be joined during the week by World War II and D-Day veterans, as well as HBO Band of Brothers actor Doug Spain and Will Estes, star of CBS’ Blue Bloods & the WWII Film U-571, who will be part of a great panel discussion on television and filmmaking.

Our 3 winning films in 2020 will be shown in the new theater at the beautiful D-Day Experience.

Our 3 winning films in 2020 will be shown in the new theater at the beautiful D-Day Experience.

The Normandie-World War II International Film Festival is held each year in Normandy, France.

The Normandie-World War II International Film Festival serves an important role in furthering the mission to produce content that honors all those who fight for our freedoms each day and have done so through wars and conflicts over the centuries.

As was the case on D-Day, these efforts are undertaken by many people of many nations who believe these stories must be preserved for future generations.

Please join us during the annual remembrance of the D-Day anniversary each June as we preview the best in story-telling from around the world and officially recognize those individuals who continue to honor the men and women who have fought for our freedom in battles both large and small.

The annual military film festival also featured appearances by New York Times best-selling authors, actors, actual World War II veterans and others. Awards & Prizes

Outstanding World War II Documentary 
Outstanding World War II Short Film 
Outstanding World War II Feature Film

2020 Schedule of events at the D-Day Experience.

-June 5-(7PM-8PM) VIP ticket holder reception (food and drinks) with Rick Atkinson, David McCallum, Erik Jendresen, Douglas Spain, Will Estes, World War II veterans and winning filmmakers. VIP RECEPTION IS SOLD OUT.

June 5-(8PM-10PM) Q & A with NY Times best-selling WWII author Rick Atkinson. WWII Film Festival Winning Short Film Shown following Q and A.

-June 6-(8PM-11PM) Q & A with WWII Veterans and panel discussion on television/filmmaking with Erik Jendresen, Lead Writer and Supervising Producer of HBO’s Band of Brothers series, actors Douglas Spain (Band of Brothers) and Will Estes (U-571 and Blue Bloods). Winning Documentary Film Shown

-June 7-(8PM-10:30PM) Q & A with David McCallum (The Great Escape, Man from U.N.C.L.E., NCIS) and Winning Feature Film Shown

Purchase Individual Event Tickets Below for Each Evening Session. 50 euros.

The D-Day Experience

2020 Ticket Information

Individual Tickets

Filmmakers: Entries Accepted Beginning July 20th. CLICK HERE.