The World War II Foundation is honored to partner with War History Online for news and events that bring World War II information to viewers and readers from around the world.

In 2014, War History Online joined with the WWII Foundation to bring the Band of Brothers Actors Reunion to Normandy for the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

War History Online brings us World War news from around the globe. News and Articles every day, every hour. For those who made history and for those who preserve it.

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About WHO Founder Jack Beckett:

Born and bred in the village of Wickham in Hampshire, England – about 8 miles from Southwick House, (SHAEF headquarters in WWII), so the fascination was soon formed. Which is strange as my Grandfather hated Churchill and Hitler and my Grandfather was the first grown man I had ever seen cry, it was when I was a very very young man and I was asking him about D-Day.

Winner of the 2008 Bart Vanderveen award for Outstanding Contribution To the Military Vehicle Movement.

Founder of the award winning historic military vehicle website HMVF – www.hmvf.co.uk

Founder and organiser of Armour and Embarkation the UK’s first WWII tank event – www.ArmourAndEmbarkation.com

Publisher of Ghosts of War ‘then and now’ images of iconic places of WWII www.GhostsOfHistory.co.uk

Raised over £10,000 for the Normandy Veterans Association in 2008 with the kind help of the members of HMVF. The aim was to return 40 of our WWII veterans to Normandy for the 65th Anniversary of D-Day.