Washington, D.C.-World War II Foundation Chairman Tim Gray joined 3 of the living 5 survivors (Lauren Bruner, Don Stratton & Ken Potts) of the USS Arizona in the Oval Office at the White House recently as part of a new documentary the foundation is filming titled: Pearl Harbor’s Unknown Hero. The film is going to be narrated by Gary Sinise.
While in the Oval Office, Gray met and spoke with President Donald Trump about the work of the WWII Foundation and also presented President Trump with the foundation’s two most recent films: D-Day: Over Normandy narrated by Bill Belichick and Remember Pearl Harbor, narrated by Tom Selleck, as well as the foundation’s 2017 brochure.
Pearl Harbor’s Unknown Hero focuses on the efforts of the living USS Arizona survivors to get a medal for the late USS Vestal crewman Joe George, who rescued the last 6 men to get off the burning battleship at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
To learn more about what will be the foundation’s 21st overall film on World War II, Pearl Harbor’s Unknown Hero please click here.

To see more photos of the USS Arizona survivors visit to Washington, DC and the Oval Office to meet with President Trump, along with Tim Gray and his film crew’s documentation of the visit please click here.