We Are Who We Are Because of Their Sacrifice, Courage and Determination.

-M.J. Bodum, 350 Fighter Squadron, 8th Air Force
-Cal Floren, B-26 pilot, 397th Group Bombardment, 9th Air Force
-Wayne J. Sininger, US Navy, Pacific Theater
-Frederick Wurst, Pilot, C-41 and Gliders (D-Day), European Theater
-Radarman 3rd Class Murray Elkin, USN, Destroyer Escort Neuendorft
-Lt. Martin George Cain, USN
-Staff Sgt. Albert Edward Fine, USAAF
-Sgt. James E. Moore, European Theater
-Irving Machiz, Air Corps, WWII, Navigator
-Pvt. John Casale Jr, USMC – MAW, Pacific Theater
-Richard Bevier, United States Navy
-Stuart G. Christian, U.S. Army, Europe, D-Day+1, Communications Sergeant, 329th Regimental Combat Team
-Harry O. Rohde, U.S. Army Air Corps, B-24 Pilot
-Col. Thomas Eugene Murphree, U.S. Marine Corps
-William S. Britland, 815th Squadron, 483rd Bomb Group
-Anthony Proia (“Tony”), 348th Combat Engineers, 5th Brigade, 1st Army. D-Day veteran, Omaha Beach
-Curtis Daniel “Curt” Yerkes, amphibious assault transport APA219, the USS Okaloosa
-Robert Maxey, Sr., WWII veteran
-1sgt Walter Neton, 101st airborne, 506th pir service company hq
-Joseph J. Gentile, Papua, New Guinea, United States Army, 957th Engineer Topographic Co.
-Walter Sabo, Ball Turret Gunner on The Virginia Gentleman, B-17.
-Robert Samual Harshbarger, 37th Infantry Division, Ohio Army National Guard, Pacific Theater
-Johannes “John” Hinrich Grewe, German Medic
-Clarence Joseph “Joe” ten Bensel, Served in the US Navy as a Motor Machinists Mate Third Class. Served on NTS Farragut, USS Tomich (DE 242) and USS Samar (ARG 11) in the Asiatic Pacific
-Carl Robert Smith, Jr, United States Navy, USS Franklin, Pacific
-Victor E. Nitti, U.S. Marines, WWII
-SGT James Eugene Moore, European Theater, United States Army
-Edward Duve, U.S. Navy, Pacific
-Roy Harmon, U.S. Air Force, WWII
-The Cowan Boys, United States Navy
-Donald Malarkey, 506th PIR, 101st Airborne
-Alexander S. Papazoglos (Palos), Army Air Corp
-Joe George, US Navy, USS Vestal, Pearl Harbor
-Raymond J. Germershausen, Gunners mate
-Chief Quarter Master Jack Michaelsen US NAVY-D-Day,Sicily, Pacific
-William B Michaelsen, US Army Captain – Panama Canal
-Helen Michaelsen, ARMY WAC
-Donald R. Humphreys, USMC
-1Lt. Joseph J. Sullivan, 435th TCG
-1Lt. Walter J. Gunther, Jr., US Army
-Richard W. Brookins, 28th Infantry Division, US Army
-Tom Breggia, North Providence, RI
-Nick Manzo, Providence, RI
-Vespasiano Rosario Nevola – Merchant Marine (1939-1945)
-T SGT George T. Sarandis, 450th Bomb Wing, US Army Air Forces
-Fireman 2C Edward J Keenan, lost at sea, USS Bunker Hill
-Roy Harmon, U.S. Air Force, WWII
-Captain Charles Williams, USCG
-Steve Belichick, United States Navy, Europe & South Pacific
-Thomas J. Bernhard, WWII, Pacific
-Ralph Burrus, 82nd AB, 508 PIR, F Co., 2nd Battalion
-U.S. Army SGT James Eugene Moore, WWII, European Theater
-Manuel Fernandes, 102d Inf Div KIA Germany 24 Feb 1945
-Chester F. Tyminski, US Army, Pacific
-Hal Baumgarten, 116th Infantry Regiment, 29th Division, Company B, D-Day
-SGM Melvin Sherr, 104th Medical Bn , 29th Infantry Division
Lyle Bouck, Jr. U.S. Army, Battle of the Bulge
-Lt. Martin George Caine, U.S. Navy
-Staff Sgt Albert Edward Fine, USAAF
-Ellsworth Abbott “Barney” Shirley, Airman 2nd Class, KIA, USS Essex, South Pacific, January 1945
-Lt. Col. Wilber E. Bradt, 43rd Infantry Division, Pacific Theater
-John Francis Evans, Sr. U.S. Navy, South Pacific
-Rev. Arthur Charles Lenaghan, U.S. Army, Europe
-Chester D. Cram, Jr. 15th Air Force, Europe
John A. Sarokon, U.S. Army, Europe
-Maurice Luke, U.S. Army, Europe and Pacific Theatre
-Henry Edward Paul, Captain, United States Army
-Otis Hansohn, U.S. Army, Bronze Star
-Adolf Ciummo, 101st Airborne Division, POW
-Collis Adams, United States Army, Bronze Star
-Chester Urban, 25th Infantry, Pearl Harbor
-Raymond Haerry, USS Arizona, Pearl Harbor
-Joe Langdell, USS Arizona, Pearl Harbor
-John Anderson, USS Arizona, Pearl Harbor
-Hyman “Hy” Roman, United States Army
-Frank Chomka, United States Navy
-Robert Sales, 29th Infantry Division, United States Army
-Samuel E. Waller, Sr, United States Army
-Edward “Ted” R. Powers, United States Navy
-Walter “Chris” Heisler, 82nd Airborne Division
-Buster Bevacqua, 32nd Infantry Division
-Richard D. Winters, 101st Airborne Division
-Darrell C. Powers, 101st Airborne Division
-Governor Bruce Sundlun, Eighth Air Force
-Thomas James, United States Army
George Luz, Sr., 101st Airborne Division
-Francis J. Gormley, 29th Infantry Division
-William R. “Bill” McSherry, Sr., United States Navy
-John Krivosh, HQ 33rd TEFT Group
-Edward Simpson, United States Marine Corps
-Fred M Castaldi, United States Army
-Arthur Schuessler, United States Army Air Corps
-Robert Leckie, United States Marine
-Eugene Sledge, United States Marines
-Wilson Delasanta, United States Army
-Wesley Ko, 82nd Airborne Division
-Julian Mitchell, 2nd Infantry Division
-Robert Boyd, United States Army Medic
-Robert Wright, United States Army Medic
-Dick Zimmerman, United States Navy
John Basilone, United States Marines
-Bill Hannigan, 82nd Airborne Division
-Wally Lawton, United States Navy
-Robert Slaughter, 29th Infantry Division
-Walter Ehlers, 1st Infantry Division
James “Jimmy” Doolittle, United States Air Force
John Gray, Engineer, Manhattan Project
-William “Wild Bill” Guarnere, 101st Airborne Division
Edward “Babe” Heffron, 101st Airborne Division
-Vincent DiFalco, United States Navy
-Maurice Zarchen, United States Army
-Chuck Tatum, United States Marine Corps
Lynn “Buck” Compton, 101st Airborne Division
-Edward Sims, 82nd Airborne Division
-Bernard Cheney, 82nd Airborne Division
-Kenneth Moore, Medic, D-Day, 101st Airborne Division

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