World War II Foundation Dedicates New WWII Global Education Center For Students, Educators and the Public


Dear Tim,

Thank you so much for everything today. Today was one of – if not the single – best field trips I’ve taken students on in the 6.25 years that I’ve been an educator. The students were so engaged in your collection, in pushing each other’s curiosity, and with you. You were amazing in how you spoke not to, but truly with the students. You had them all hanging on your every word and you helped make this real in a way I never could have. Thank you so much for everything. None of us will forget this and I hope to be able to return with a new group of 10th graders around this time next year if you’ll have us back.

Yours In Education,
Pat Nigro
Highlander School

“This is the best field trip I have even been on.”
-De LaSalle Middle School Student

Click to see photos of students, veterans and the public visiting the center

The public is now invited to schedule visits to the new World War II Foundation Global Education Center in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. School groups from around Southern New England are also invited to contact the WWII Global Education Center to schedule field trips to the new facility.

Appointments must be made online via email at [email protected] Once your visit is scheduled you will be directed to purchase your tickets via our online PayPal portal.

There is no cost for school groups to visit the center. Each visitor to the education center will leave with a free World War II Foundation documentary film of their choice ($20 value).

Normal admission cost is $15 for adults. Children 12 and under are free when accompanied by an adult. There is no cost to World War II veterans to tour the center.

Special rates are offered for non-educational groups of 10 or more.

The WWII Global Education Center

The World War II Foundation Global Education Center welcomes school groups, educators, researchers and the public from around the United States to share with them, especially the students, an overview of the personal stories of the WWII generation.

The education center is very interactive and focused on preserving these stories so that future generations don’t forget the sacrifices of all those who served and survived, WWII. It will also impart the hard lessons of war and its cost to society.

The center’s curriculum is built upon the 22 films the WWII Foundation has produced to date for a global television audience, as well as the artifacts of WWII, more than 500 books which chronicle the stories of that generation and a small theater, seating 35 people, which is a central part of the education center’s visual learning component. The learning center does not glorify war but focuses on the people and their personal stories during that time period.

Click Here for a Virtual Visit to the World War II Foundation Global Education Center

Click Here for The Global Education Center Brochure

Gary Sinise

Dear Tim,

Many congratulations…

A treasure trove of critically important history.

God bless you for documenting so much over the years as you have.

All the best to you. Your pal, Gary Sinise

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Global Education Center Rules:

-No video or photography allowed
-No food or drink allowed
-Must make an appointment
-Must learn something that you didn’t already know about World War II
-Must take a free DVD home with you to learn more about the personal stories of WWII veterans and survivors

The Education Center utilizes the following to help share the personal stories of WWII:

-World War II Foundation Documentary Films-Both on location and on-demand globally
-World War II Artifacts
-Panel Discussions
-Lectures by historians, authors, filmmakers and those from academia
-Veteran Q & A Events


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