Actor Jon Seda To Narrate 1st to Fight: A Marine’s Story in the Pacific

Actor Jon Seda (The Pacific, Chicago P.D.) will narrate of 1st to Fight: A Marine’s Story in the Pacific, a film focusing on the Americans of the famed 1st Marine Division who took part in the United States’ first major land/air offensive of World War II on the Pacific island of Guadalcanal and then went on to fight in bloody battles in places named Cape Gloucester and Peleliu.

Seda played Sgt. John Basilone in HBO’s The Pacific series. Basilone was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions on Guadalcanal in 1942.

There are only a handful of 1st Marines who took part in the fighting in the Solomon Islands who are still alive. Guadalcanal was one of the turning points of World War II for the United States, as the Americans faced and defeated the Japanese for the first time in a land battle. The fight was one of the most brutal of the war.

The documentary will feature amazing drone footage of Guadalcanal and the Solomon Islands, as well as Peleliu to give viewers a feel for what the battle sites look like today and some of the daunting terrain the Marines faced in 1942-1944.

The focus of the film is veteran Oliver Marcelli, a 1st Marine who served in C Company. Marcelli fought on Guadalcanal, Cape Gloucester and was wounded on Peleliu. 2019 marks the 75th anniversary of the battle of Peleliu, a fight that many historians agree should not have occurred at all and cost the 1st Marine Division thousands of casualties.

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Marcelli talks openly about his time in the Pacific and the battles he was involved in. Woven in are the stories of other 1st Marine Division veterans who also battled not only an aggressive and unforgiving enemy, but also some of the most difficult fighting conditions in the world, from dense jungles to islands made of hardened coral.

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