Gary Sinise will Narrate World War II Foundation’s 75th Anniversary Film on Iwo Jima

Actor Gary Sinise will lend his voice to Iwo Jima: 75 Years Later, a 75th anniversary documentary which focuses on two United States 5th Marine Division marines (Sammy Bernstein and Pat Femino) and a Medal of Honor recipient on Iwo, Flamethrower Woody Williams, who beat the odds and lived through this horrific fight, which began on February 19th, 1945 and ended on March 26th. Filming will take place on Iwo Jima during the 75th anniversary ceremonies in March of 2020. Part of the focus of the documentary will also be family members of Iwo veterans returning to meet with family of Japanese veterans of the fight and the 75th anniversary ceremony itself.

Includes rare drone footage of Iwo Jima as well.

Sammy Bernstein, 5th Marines

The Japanese suffered roughly 21,000 dead. Out of the 23,000 Japanese on the island only 1,083 were taken prisoner. 2 Japanese did not surrender until 1951. 27 Medals of Honor were awarded to Americans during the 36 days of the battle.

American losses included 5,900 dead and 17,400 wounded.

The Japanese fought from an elaborate network of caves, dugouts, tunnels, and underground installations that were difficult to find and destroy.

The American amphibious invasion of Iwo Jima, a key island in the Bonin chain roughly 575 miles from the Japanese coast, was sparked by the desire for a place where B-29 bombers damaged over Japan could land without returning all the way to the Marianas, and for a base for escort fighters that would assist in the bombing campaign. (History.Com)


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