Soon to be a Documentary Film Airing on American Public Television

A P-38G Lightning of the 339th Squadron,

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We follow a crew of explorers, led by legendary Chicago restaurateur Richard Portillo, to Bougainville, New Guinea

northern Solomon Islands, Southwest Pacific) as they trek through dense jungle and deep mud to visit the remote site of the plane wreck of famed Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto’s crashed Betty Bomber.

Admiral Yamamoto is best known as the architect of the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and Japan’s failed battle at Midway in June of 1942. He was also openly opposed to a war with the United States from the outset.

Allied intelligence was able to decipher Japanese code and identify that Yamamoto’s plane was headed to Bougainville on April 18, 1943. His bomber was intercepted and shot down by American P-38 fighter planes

The United States based explorers visited the crash site, guided by researchers, historians and local natives. While on Bougainville they made an incredible discovery in the mud at the site of Yamamoto’s plane wreckage: A gold tooth. Could it be Admiral Yamamoto’s tooth discovered after 76 years?

Trips to Bougainville, Hawaii, Florida and Japan bring viewers inside the story, including a visit to the Yamamoto museum in the admiral’s home city of Nagaoka, Japan. You’ll also hear a rare interview from Admiral Yamamoto’s grandson conducted by our film crew in Japan, as well as interviews with several of the world’s leading historians on the Pacific war. The historians also discuss and challenge the decades old myth of how Admiral Yamamoto’s body was discovered by the Japanese following the ambush by American P-38 fighters. It’s a challenge to history as it has been written for over seven decades!

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