Actor Gary Sinise Narrates Lifeline: Pearl Harbor’s Unknown Hero Documentary

Gary Sinise provided the narration for “Lifeline: Pearl Harbor’s Unknown Hero”

Sinise, well known for his award-winning movie and television roles, is an avid supporter of America’s military, both past and present.

Joe George is probably a name unfamiliar to almost every American, but on December 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor, Joe George was every bit a hero in the opening moments of America’s violent entry into World War II.

George, a crewman on the USS Vestal, which was moored along side the USS Arizona on Battleship Row in the harbor, ignored orders from a superior officer and helped save the lives of 6 USS Arizona crewmen, the last Arizona sailors to get off the battleship alive.

“Gary Sinise is absolutely the perfect person to narrate this important film, ” said Tim Gray, Chairman of the non-profit World War II Foundation and writer, producer and director of 19 films to date on the personal stories of the WWII generation. “Gary has a tremendous voice, but most of all a deep passion for recognizing those generations who have done so much for us, both in the past and present day,” Gray said.

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