Actor Jason Beghe, Star of NBC’s Chicago P.D. Narrates WWII Foundation’s 20th Documentary-Survivors of Malmedy: December 1944

Actor Jason Beghe, who portrays Sgt. Hank Voight on NBC’s popular television drama “Chicago P.D.” narrated Survivors of Malmedy: Winter of ’44, the 20th documentary film from Tim Gray Media and The World War II Foundation.

“Anyone who watched Chicago P.D. knows that Jason has a very distinctive voice,” said World War II Foundation Chairman Tim Gray. “I feel that his voice is absolutely perfect for the subject matter of this film, which is the infamous WWII massacre of 84 American soldiers in Malmedy, Belgium area in December of 1944 during the Battle of The Bulge.”

Survivors of Malmedy: Winter of ’44, will debut in the spring of 2018 and mark the 20th documentary from TGM and the WWII Foundation.

A major portion of the film will include Drone video shot in Malmedy by a European film crew in 2016. Also featured are interviews with the remaining survivors of the massacre and several other veterans who survived the killing of Americans by German SS soldiers.

Noted Historian and Battle of the Bulge guide Reg Jans is the featured historian in the one-hour film.

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