Legendary New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick, a Six-Time Super Bowl Champion, Narrates a World War II Documentary


Patriots fans waiting to hear Bill Belichick’s gruff voice won’t have to wait until next season.

Belichick is narrating a documentary film about World War II set to air this spring on PBS, the World War II Foundation announced Thursday. It’s a one-hour film called “D-Day: Over Normandy” shot exclusively with drone- and helicopter-mounted cameras, interspersed with interviews with survivors of the battle.

Belichick’s father, Steve, fought in WWII with the U.S. Navy and later became a longtime football coach at the Naval Academy, where Bill says he learned his current management style.

“Every day of my childhood, I was immersed in the tradition of the United States Navy,” Belichick said in a statement. “I was, and remain, inspired by their discipline, teamwork and courage, especially the sailors who fought on D-Day and in the Pacific theater, where the U.S. Pacific Fleet sacrificed so much for ultimate victory. The Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines made one heck of a team in World War II.”

Belichick did not say, “We’re on to Normandy.”

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