Luxembourg Newspaper: Five Emmy nominations for “The American St. Nick”

(NG) “The American St. Nick”, a touching film capturing the friendship between US soldiers and the Luxembourg town of Wiltz, has received five Emmy nominations for the Boston/New England chapter of the Academy Awards.

On June 4, the winners of the 39th edition Boston/New England Emmy Awards will be announced.

“The American St. Nick” has been nominated for the following categories: Outstanding Historical/Cultural Program, Outstanding Program Writing, Outstanding Program Editing, Outstanding Photography, as well as Original Music Score.

The tale is a true story as well: based on the book of the same name, “The American St. Nick” recounts the incredible story of a group of war-weary GI soldiers who organised a visit from St. Nicolas for the children of war-torn Wiltz on December 5, 1944.

The moving documentary was produced by Tim Gray of the WWII Foundation, using archive footage and various interviews. At its centre is Richard Brookins, the GI who played the role of St Nicolas.

The film debuted in the US in Rochester, NY, to a sold-out theatre before it was aired throughout December on PBS. The town of Wiltz in Luxembourg had its own celebrations as well over one weekend in November, where two of Brookins’ sons, David and Don, attended in their father’s place, as Richard himself could not attend in person because, as he put it, “old age is catching up with me”.

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