WWII Foundation in Post-Production on 16th Film. 17th Documentary on Pearl Harbor Will Follow

The non-profit World War II Foundation, one of the world’s leading producers of World War II related documentary film content, is now in post-production on its latest film featuring the personal story of a soldier plucked from an army base to work on the Manhattan Project. The film is to be followed by “Remember Pearl Harbor”, the 17th documentary offering from the WWII Foundation.

The soldier in question in film number 16 from the foundation just happens to be the uncle of the film’s producer Tim Gray. “Uncle Jack: The Manhattan Project and Beyond” tells the story of John Gray, whose background in engineering was needed more than his sharpshooting abilities in WWII. Gray worked on the atomic bomb project that eventually resulted in two bombs being dropped on Japan, effectively ending WWII in 1945.

John Gray went on to work for famed Admiral Hyman Rickover (father of the United States’ nuclear navy) following WWII and was instrumental in the formation of Atoms for commercial use in the United States and globally.

That film will be followed up by “Remember Pearl Harbor” narrated by Tom Selleck

The focus of this film is on several military survivors of Pearl Harbor, all of whom had totally different experiences on December 7, 1941.

Woven into their stories is the perspective of Daniel Martinez, Chief Historian of the Valor in the Pacific Monument at Pearl Harbor.

Also featured is an interview with 80 year old Barbara Kotinek. Barbara was six years old and living with her family on the base at Pearl Harbor. Her dad worked on the ships there. On December 7th she awoke to the sounds of Japanese planes strafing the harbor. Even at the age of 6 her memories of that day were very vivid and remain with her today. She has some incredible stories to tell of the opening moments of the attack and the immediate days following.

“Remember Pearl Harbor” not a film about strategy of the attack and why it happened or assigning blame 75 years later, but rather the personal stories of those who were there and witnessed history being made. It is an impartial documentary chronicling December 7, 1941 in the words of those who actually were there and took part.

The documentary will utilize:
*Interviews with Pearl Harbor survivors conducted by the World War II Foundation, including 3 of the 7 living survivors of the USS Arizona
*Interview with Historian Daniel Martinez
*Interview with Barbara Kotinek
*Rare interview with Japanese pilot Mitsuo Fuchida, flight leader of the attack on Pearl Harbor
*Filming on location at Pearl Harbor
*Interviews with other veterans and their recollections of where they were when they heard about the attack on December 7, 1941
*Rare video of Fuchida’s return to Pearl Harbor to attend ceremonies at the USS Arizona Memorial

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