Wartime Documentary on Wiltz to be Released in December (Luxembourg Newspaper)

In December, a new documentary film in English on Luxembourg will be released, entitled The American St Nick.

Early in December of 1944, Corporal Richard W. “Dick” Brookins, became “the American St. Nick,” bringing joy to the war-weary children of Wiltz, Luxembourg. Just two weeks later, Wiltz was bombed, killing many people including children. Wiltz was a major battleground in the Battle of the Bulge and the town was very nearly destroyed.

Wiltz began a tradition to remember the American St. Nicolas and all the soldiers who created St. Nicolas Day in 1944. Each year someone was chosen to be the American Saint Nicolas. Then he would go through the town, greeting children and giving treats, continuing up to the Castle for a celebration, just like it was done in 1944.

In late November, 2014 around Thanksgiving time in the USA, Richard Brookins, now in his 90′s, returned to Wiltz for a final time to take part in his last “American St. Nick” celebration. The World War II Foundation chronicled his visit for a documentary film. It promises to be an emotional thank you and goodbye for Brookins and the grateful citizens of Wiltz, Luxembourg.

The American St Nick is a production from the World War II Foundation and Tim Gray Media, with Tim Gray as producer. The storyline is based on the book of the same name by Peter Lion.

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