Great-Grandson of Winston Churchill Joins World War II Foundation Board of Directors

The World War II Foundation is proud to announce that Jonathan Sandys, great-grandson of British WWII Prime Minister Winston Churchill, is joining its board of directors.

“Jonathan is a very accomplished speaker and author,” said World War II Foundation Chairman Tim Gray. “He is an outstanding addition to our board and truly understands our mission more than most since it’s also a part of his family’s own legacy,” Gray continued.

Jonathan believes his mission is to continue the amazing legacy Sir Winston left the world, and work with both the present and future generations to inspire the great leadership and courageous qualities employed by his great-grandfather throughout his tumultuous life.

“I am always thrilled to speak to the many varieties of organisations throughout the world, and share the stories I learned as a child of the hero whose example I have been inspired to follow and emulate.”

The World War II Foundation is one of the nation’s leading non-profits when it comes to preserving the stories of the WWII generation. To date, the foundation has produced 15 one-hour World War II documentary films, all airing in the United States on hundreds of PBS stations and now overseas in China, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, France and other international television networks.

The foundation has four more films in post-production for 2016, including a special 75th anniversary documentary on Pearl Harbor.

The WWII Foundation donates all of its films to American Public Television as part of its non-profit mission.

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