Tim Gray Media and World War II Foundation Now in Post-Production on 13th WWII Documentary “A Final Toast: Doolittle’s Raiders”

Kingston, RI-After wrapping up its 12th film “Omaha Beach: Honor and Sacrifice” narrated by Baseball Hall of Fame broadcaster Tim McCarver, Tim Gray Media and the non-profit WWII Foundation have begun work on “A Final Toast: Doolittle’s Raiders”.

The general story of the April 18, 1942 Doolittle Raid has been told in books and movies. Many Americans over a certain age remember the emotional impact of reading Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo as youngsters and then later watching the B-25’s take off from the USS Hornet in the movie by the same name with Spencer Tracy portraying Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle.

This film’s focus will be on Col. Richard Cole, Jimmy Doolitte’s co-pilot on the mission, who is one of only four of the original Raiders who are still alive. 80 men went on the bombing run aboard 16 B-25 planes. Cole is about to turn 100 years old.

The new documentary will also emphasize the Doolittle crew as individuals – their courage and how their incredible (and at the time considered suicidal) mission in the early days of World War II impacted them for the rest of their lives. The film will include the pilots personal stories of that day and the days after their heroic flight. The Doolittle Raid changed an entire nation’s morale following Pearl Harbor and other early defeats of the United States at the hands of the Japanese in 1941-1942.

As part of its 501(c)(3) educational mission, the Doolittle film, like all other WWII Foundation documentary projects to date, will be donated to American Public Television for national airing on PBS stations. www.aptonline.org.

Tim Gray Media/World War II Foundation films rank in the top five of most requested programs by PBS affiliates in the United States and in 2013, TGM/WWII Foundation was recognized with a prestigious National Programming Excellence Award by American Public Television.

Tim Gray Media/World War II Foundation documentaries have also begun airing internationally in China, New Zealand, Australia, France, the United Kingdom and other select countries.

This film is being produced in cooperation with the American Veterans Center in Washington, DC. www.americanveteranscenter.org.

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