Hal Baumgarten was a 19 year old private on D-Day. Jewish and originally from NYC, Baumgarten was in Company B of the 116th Infantry Regiment of the 29th. He landed in the 2nd wave on Omaha Beach in one of the most heavily defended parts of Omaha, the Dog Green sector below the village of Vierville-sur-Mer (as depicted in the movie Saving Private Ryan). Hal was wounded 3 times on D-Day and twice more on June 7th. He had 23 surgeries after June 6, 1944, to repair wounds suffered on the Normandy coast of France. Hal has written several books about his D-Day experience. The first couple of waves at the Dog Green sector of Omaha Beach (often referred to as the D-1 or Dog-One draw) below the bluffs which led inland to the actual village of Vierville-sur-Mer, suffered a casualty rate of almost 80 percent in the opening hours of D-Day. “A” Company of the 116th was first in at 6:30AM and the majority of those 29th soldiers were dead or wounded by the time Baumgarten’s second wave landed just minutes later.

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