Two American 101st Airborne (Screaming Eagles) medics caught in a church in Normandy, France during the opening hours of D-Day.

Outside a savage battle raged all around them. The church changed hands several times with American and German forces over-running the village of Angoville-au-Plain. Inside the small church the wounded wore both Allied and Axis uniforms and civilian clothing.

The American medics, Robert Wright and Kenneth Moore of the 2nd battalion, 501st PIR, treated all who were brought into the 12th century Norman church, no matter whether they were friend or foe. A deal was struck that no guns from either side could be worn in the church at any time. The Germans left them alone, coming and going as the fight raged.

The church was shelled, but the American medics work went on. Wounded were placed on pews. Almost 70 years later the blood remains on those very pews in that church. Eagles of Mercy is a testament to compassion, courage and most of all, humanity, during the opening moments of the fierce battle to liberate Europe.

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