Documentary to tell WWII escape story of Damon ‘Rocky’ Gause

The World War II Foundation, in collaboration with the family of the late Damon “Rocky” Gause of Jefferson, GA, announces plans for a one-hour documentary film to chronicle the story of Gause’s escape from the Japanese in World War II.

“With the blessing of Rocky’s widow, Ruth Gause Carter, we are privileged to be able to start the process of putting this documentary film together,” said Tim Gray, Chairman of the World War II Foundation. “The story is one of the most incredible of the Second World War and needs to be shared with a national television audience.”

The Foundation has produced eleven WWII documentary films to date, winning both regional Emmy Awards and two international awards from the Indie Film Fest. It is one of just five organizations recognized with a National Programming Excellence Award in 2013 by American Public Television. All of the foundation’s films air nationally on PBS affiliates across the country.

“We are in the fundraising stage right now,” said Gray. “It’s too important a story not to tell. Having just come back from filming in the Philippines, on Corregidor and the route of the Bataan Death March, I can tell you it’s just amazing what Rocky was able to do and that doesn’t even begin to tell the rest of the story of his run through the Philippine islands and his escape to Australia.”

For more information on the film and to make tax-deductible contributions to the project, contact Tim Gray at: [email protected]

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