Tim Gray Given a Credit in History Channel’s World War II in HD Series

Tim Gray Media was mentioned at the end of the credits in the recent World War II in HD series airing on the History Channel

The series was produced by Lou Reda Productions out of Easton, PA. Reda is one of the top production companies in the world, specializing in World War II films.

” I was happy to help out at the beginning of the History Channel project, ” said Tim Gray, President of Tim Gray Media. “It was a two-year process for Reda to aquire all this amazing footage from WWII, much of it never seen before. I was in on the initial planning of the project and found it to be a great experinence. It was also very interesting to pour through footage and see many scenes from WWII I had never witnessed,” Gray continued. “It was great to see the end result of all the hard work Lou Reda’s team put into this project and I was honored to be a part of that team effort early on.”

Tim Gray Media is an Emmy Award-winning documentary film company based in Kingston, Rhode Island. TGM specializes in producing films documenting the personal stories of the veterans of World War II.

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