Tim Gray Media is the video production partner with the World War II Foundation on all its documentary film efforts. TGM was founded in 2005 and released its first documentary film D-Day: The Price of Freedom in 2006.

In 2008, TGM produced its second film Navy Heroes of Normandy and in 2010, released its third documentary World War II: Saving the Reality, narrated by Hollywood icon Dan Aykroyd.

In 2011, TGM joined the World War II Foundation in its mission of producing documentary films, which are donated to American Public Television as part of the foundation’s educational mission.

Since 2011, TGM and the World War II Foundation have produced an additional 17 documentary films for APT and its PBS affiliates, all of them donated to the educational television network.
In 2012, the World War II Foundation also dedicated the Richard D. Winters Leadership monument in Normandy, France, honoring all those American Junior officers who led the way on D-Day.

In 2013, TGM and the World War II Foundation, was awarded a National Programming Excellence Award by APT for its World War II Preservation Series of films chronicling the personal stories of the WWII generation.

TGM and the WWII Foundation are currently working on their 18th, 19th and 20th documentaries in the years 2016-2018, in cooperation with longtime partner Jim Karpeichick and Ocean State Video.

Jim has served as Director of Photography and Editor for all TGM/WWII Foundation films.

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