Company of Heroes

Writer and Producer

A One-Hour Film Based on the books: A Company of Heroes and We Who Are Aive and Remain by Marcus Brotherton.

Narrated by: Ton Kane

Overview: Following two years of hard training, the men of Easy Company parachuted into Normandy on D-Day and, later, into Holland for Operation Market Garden. They fought their way through Belgium, France and Germany, survived overwhelming odds, liberated concentration camps, and finally drank a victory toast in April 1945 at Hitler’s hideout in the Alps. In the book, We Who Are Alive and Remain, twenty men who were there and are still alive today—along with the families of three deceased others—recount the horrors and the victories, the bonds the men made, the tears and blood they shed—and the brothers they lost. Now, it’s their turn to look into the camera and share their stories of what it was like to be a part of the most famous group of soldiers in World War II. These are rarely told stories of sacrifice and courage as seen by one of the most revered combat units in military history, the Band of Brothers.