We Are Who We Are Because of Their Sacrifice, Courage and Determination.

Steve Belichick, United States Navy, Europe & South Pacific (new)
Thomas J. Bernhard, WWII, Pacific (new)
Ralph Burrus, 82nd AB, 508 PIR, F Co., 2nd battalion (new)
U.S. Army SGT James Eugene Moore, WWII, European Theater (new)
Manuel Fernandes, 102d Inf Div KIA Germany 24 Feb 1945 (new)
Chester F. Tyminski, US Army, Pacific (new)
Hal Baumgarten, 116th Infantry Regiment, 29th Division, Company B, D-Day (new)
SGM Melvin Sherr, 104th Medical Bn , 29th infantry Division (new)
Lyle Bouck, Jr. U.S. Army, Battle of the Bulge (new)
Lt. Martin George Caine, U.S. Navy (new)
Staff Sgt Albert Edward Fine, USAAF (new)
Ellsworth Abbott “Barney” Shirley, Airman 2nd Class, KIA, USS Essex, South Pacific, January 1945 (new)
Lt. Col. Wilber E. Bradt, 43rd Infantry Division, Pacific Theater (new)
John Francis Evans, Sr. U.S. Navy, South Pacific (new)
Rev. Arthur Charles Lenaghan, U.S. Army, Europe (new)
Chester D. Cram, Jr. 15th Air Force, Europe (new)
John A. Sarokon, U.S. Army, Europe (new)
Maurice Luke, U.S. Army, Europe and Pacific Theatre (new)
Henry Edward Paul, Captain, United States Army
Otis Hansohn, U.S. Army, Bronze Star
Adolf Ciummo, 101st Airborne Division, POW
Collis Adams, United States Army, Bronze Star
Chester Urban, 25th Infantry, Pearl Harbor
Raymond Haerry, USS Arizona, Pearl Harbor
Joe Langdell, USS Arizona, Pearl Harbor
John Anderson, USS Arizona, Pearl Harbor
Hyman “Hy” Roman, United States Army
Frank Chomka, United States Navy
Robert Sales, 29th Infantry Division, United States Army
Samuel E. Waller, Sr, United States Army
Edward “Ted” R. Powers, United States Navy
Walter “Chris” Heisler, 82nd Airborne Division
Buster Bevacqua, 32nd Infantry Division
Richard D. Winters, 101st Airborne Division
Darrell C. Powers, 101st Airborne Division
Governor Bruce Sundlun, Eighth Air Force
Thomas James, United States Army
George Luz, Sr., 101st Airborne Division
Francis J. Gormley, 29th Infantry Division
William R. “Bill” McSherry, Sr., United States Navy
John Krivosh, HQ 33rd TEFT Group
Edward Simpson, United States Marine Corps
Fred M Castaldi, United States Army
Arthur Schuessler, United States Army Air Corps
Robert Leckie, United States Marine
Eugene Sledge, United States Marines
Wilson Delasanta, United States Army
Wesley Ko, 82nd Airborne Division
Julian Mitchell, 2nd Infantry Division
Robert Boyd, United States Army Medic
Robert Wright, United States Army Medic
Dick Zimmerman, United States Navy
John Basilone, United States Marines
Bill Hannigan, 82nd Airborne Division
Wally Lawton, United States Navy
Robert Slaughter, 29th Infantry Division
Walter Ehlers, 1st Infantry Division
James “Jimmy” Doolittle, United States Air Force
John Gray, Engineer, Manhattan Project
William “Wild Bill” Guarnere, 101st Airborne Division
Edward “Babe” Heffron, 101st Airborne Division
Vincent DiFalco, United States Navy
Maurice Zarchen, United States Army
Chuck Tatum, United States Marine Corps
Lynn “Buck” Compton, 101st Airborne Division
Edward Sims, 82nd Airborne Division
Bernard Cheney, 82nd Airborne Division
Kenneth Moore, Medic, D-Day, 101st Airborne Division

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