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Dianna Kaiser Barron, European Fundraising Coordinator:

Born in 1960 to a Military father and a Luxembougish mother. Grew up as a military brat, like all other military family moving around the world from one base to another, every few years. At 15, I was offered to fly from the USA to Luxembourg with the usual speech of “your grandparents are getting old and you need to visit.”

Being the normal rebellious teenager, I agreed but wasn’t going to like it. News flash, I was fascinated by the beautiful country, the traditions and the Luxembourg way of life. My grandparents telling me stories of WWI and WWII, visiting General Patton’s grave and finding the grave of a soldier my grandmother “adopted” to adorn with flowers every holiday.

I was able to meet family members who survived concentration camps, others who were in work camps and their stories of survival during the WWII. Because I only spoke English some family members for hours and hours having my grandparents translate their stories.

My grandparents praised the GI’s they befriended and the life long friends they made. Grandmother was a great cook and after the war the GI’S introduced her to Thanksgiving, bringing her the first turkey she ever saw and cooked. Dinners they shared with their new GI family.

The food the GI’S brought during the war when food was scarce, always sharing rations. Grandfather was in the “resistance” the Americans helping to hide the young Luxembourg men from the Germans. My grandparents always reminded me they only survived the war because of the Americans. Probably the reason why they let their only two children, daughters marry American Military men.

40 years later and I’m still in Luxembourg, the only grandchild of 6 who lives outside the USA. Now I speak Luxembougish, French and German. I have two sons Brian 18 and A.J. 16, who are avid military collectors. They have all the GI souvenirs, photos, engraved Zippo lighters, pieces cherished by my grandparents.

My boys introduced me to Tim Gray and the WWII FOUNDATION when they released the wonderful film about Luxembourg during the war, AMERICAN SAINT NICK. Now it is my son’s who interview the remaining family members about WWII. I’m proud to be a part of the WWII FOUNDATION to keep memories alive for our next generation. I know my grandparents would be proud.

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