Actor Kyle Chandler, Star of NBC’s Friday Night Lights, and Netflix’s Bloodline Is New Global Spokesperson For the World War II Foundation

The non-profit World War II Foundation has a new global spokesperson and if you’re a fan of NBC’s Friday Night Lights, Netflix’s Bloodline or the movies King Kong, Argo, Zero Dark Thirty, Super 8 and many other television shows and movies, you’ll recognize this Emmy Award-winning actor.

Kyle Chandler is one of Hollywood’s most versatile actors and now he’ll be one of the strongest voices to represent the work of the World War II Foundation.

“The mission of the WWII Foundation is vital and I am happy to be involved as a supporter of its projects. I am a student of military history and find the time period 1939-1945 to be compelling. We are who we are today because of the WWII generation,” said Chandler.

“Kyle is one of the most recognized faces on television,” said Tim Gray, Chairman of the World War II Foundation. “His portrayal as head coach Eric Taylor in Friday Night Lights won him a national Emmy Award for best male lead actor in a television series. Kyle is also very sincere and considered one of the real good guys in Hollywood. He cares deeply about the veterans of World War II and we are honored to have him as our global voice,” said Gray.

Chandler has been involved in World War II Foundation projects in the past, lending his voice to War Journal: The Incredible World War II Escape of Major Damon “Rocky” Gause.

In addition to the television shows and movies listed above, Kyle Chandler was also in the cast of movies such as The Wolf of Wall Street and Manchester by the Sea.

Chandler is currently filming the feature films Godzilla and Game Night.



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