WATCH: Bill Belichick Has a New Side Job That Involves Narrating a Documentary

Although Bill Belichick comes across as a guy who only thinks about football, it turns out that he actually has some other interests, and one of those interests is history.

The Patriots coach happens to be a history buff, which is why he’s decided to lend his voice to an upcoming documentary on World War II entitled, D-Day: Over Normandy. 

The documentary is set to air sometime this spring on PBS. The film is being produced by the World War II Foundation, a group that Belichick has actually mentioned during a press conference before.

When the film was originally announced in February, Belichick explained why he had decided to take part.

“Growing up in Annapolis, Maryland, where my father coached football at the United States Naval Academy, I understand the importance of preserving the memory of those who served our nation during World War II,” Belichick said in a statement.

“Every day of my childhood, I was immersed in the tradition of the United States Navy. I was, and remain, inspired by their discipline, teamwork and courage, especially the sailors who fought on D-Day and in the Pacific theater, where the U.S. Pacific Fleet sacrificed so much for ultimate victory. The Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines made one heck of a team in World War II.”

One month after the initial announcement, a preview for the documentary was finally unveiled. In the two minute and 49-second video, Belichick gives you a taste of what you’ll get if you tune-in when the rest of the documentary airs later this spring.

The director of documentary, Tim Gray, explained that Belichick jumped at the chance to narrate the film when he was offered the part.

“When I asked him to do it a year ago, he said ‘yes’ right away,” Gray said, via the WWII Foundation.

Gray also added that he didn’t want to announce the deal with Belichick during the season because he didn’t want it to be a distraction, because, as we all know, Belichick hates distractions.

“We had to kind of keep it a secret because he was involved in the football season and we didn’t want to take away his focus,” Gray said. “He’s one of those guys who always gets back to me, even though in terms of his day job he’s probably one of busiest guys on the planet. But he always takes the time to send notes reviewing the latest film or he’ll send a Christmas card. It’s an interesting relationship that we have but is built upon honoring the men and women who won the war.”

The preview featuring Belichick was released just this week, and you can see the entire video below. If you’re not a World War II person, then I guess you’ll  just wait for that Tom Brady movie to come out.

Film Preview

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