NBC10 Coverage of Remember Pearl Harbor Showing in Rhode Island

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WJAR) — Local veterans and their families gathered at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium Sunday for a special screening of a new documentary, “Remember Pearl Harbor.”

The film will make its official debut next month in Hawaii, to mark the 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.

Among those at the Providence screening was William Keith, one of the few remaining Pearl Harbor Survivors, and his son Steven, who were both interviewed for the film.

“I was on the (U.S.S.) West Virginia I was on another ship in the Coral Sea Battle,” said William Keith.

Steven Keith said his father and other parents he knew who served did not speak much about the war.

“These people from the great generation came home and did their thing, went to work, raised families and built the country up,” he said.

Other World War II Veterans also attended the screening, including Ernie Corvese, who wasn’t at Pearl Harbor, but was in Normandy on D-Day and lost many in his unit.

“It was a big sacrifice, I’m very, very, lucky to be standing here,” said Corvese.

The documentary is narrated by actor Tom Selleck and produced by Rhode Islander Tim Gray, who called the film an important chronicling of a turning point in American history.

“You think back on that time, we are who we are today because of what they did, what they went through, what they sacrificed. They were young men and teenagers who saved the world, and that’s a pretty incredible thing when you wrap your head around it,” said Gray.

Gray said the goal of the documentary was to preserve the stories of those who lived through Pearl Harbor because its lessons and impact still resonate today.

In the words of William Keith, who has the last line in the film, “I hope they don’t forget, remember Pearl Harbor.”

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